Extending from the Naschmarkt to Wiedner Hauptstrasse is the Freihausviertel, the epitome of urban living in Vienna and a trendy area of international calibre.
Bohemian flair coupled with Viennese charm. If you are looking for a particular item or just want to escape the daily grind with a stroll and some good food, come discover
the Freihausviertel. Enjoyment guaranteed!

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Conny Fritzsche, Fessler Kamine, 1040 Vienna

‘... small, highly unusual, a good reference for discovering new, out-of-the-ordinary shops ... Tina Haslinger has a good nose for finding the small, special, select shops for her GUIDED, ... belongs in every modern household as a reference, ... I love it. Something like this has been missing from our world of information ... fantastic size, looking forward to the next GUIDED.’